A Word from the Owner

I was in Indonesia when my husband, Jean-Michel Mousset told me that he had bought the Château, I had first visited it in 2000 when Transport Mousset received the haulage contractor of the year award.

When we visited it in 2004 my husband took a deep interest in the Château du Boisniard’s future and informed me that he wished to acquire it if he could raise the finances, and that I, Louisanne Le Corfec-Mousset, would be in charge of making it into a prestigious site of the Vendée region.

The Château was in a terribly dilapidated condition, we had to completely renovate the interiors: the rooms, the façade, sanitation, heating and air conditioning. The construction of the Houses in the Woods followed in 2008 and the major works were completed in 2011 with the opening of the restaurant and swimming pool as well as the completion of the last of the Houses in the Woods, Evita.

The interior design was largely inspired by my travels, from which we had brought back a large number of decorative objects and prints. These travels were often in collaboration with the Vendée’s Chamber of Commerce and assisted by Vivi, my daughter-in-law who is Indonesian, these travels included China, India, Thailand and Burma.

Vivi didn’t really know the companies, we frequently set off with a driver on daily adventures, or even for weeks on end, our aim was to bring back furniture, wooden floors and decorative objects for the restoration of the Château.

Some of these adventures involved choosing the wood for the bed of the “In the Mood for Love” room; where the woman that owned the company invited us to partake of the fruits of her husband’s fishing expeditions, the memory of this kind and very agreeable moment has stayed with me ever since.

The names chosen for the Houses in the Woods pay homage to real talented women, brave women who have influenced the history of the world.

The Château and the Manor were designed with a Château atmosphere in mind, as can be seen with the magnificent four-poster bed in the Sugar-cane room, which is so large that it needs steps to get in to it.

The beautiful Mystic room, with its family coats of arms, is an old chapel, furnished to match the style of its stained-glass windows…

The interior designs of the rooms were carefully thought out; each of them speaks out to me of a period of history, of bravery, kindness, calm and respect for such marvellous places as the Château du Boisniard.

The tea room and reception lounge of the Château with its paintings depicting Chinese life, flowers, Indonesian massage techniques alongside the wayang talismans that bring their powers of protection to such a historically charged place.

The “Table du Boisniard”, with its huge canvas on the far wall, reminds us all why this project exists, Tintin for my husband, birds for me and our travels for the both of us.

All of the paintings of flora and fauna along with the velvet hangings reflect how the decoration belongs very much to the countryside and its surroundings.

The animals arrived during the renovation works, starting with various bird species. History repeats itself here, since the Lord De Concise, who resided in the Château du Bois Nyard at the end of the 17th century, brought many exotic birds back from his travels and housed them in aviaries spread out throughout the grounds. History is a constant state of beginning again…

Since 2005, I have been managing the evolution of this project through numerous restoration projects, and with the conscience of a job well done along with my staff who are all deeply committed to the excellence which of this site.

I am sure that now that you are aware of the progression of the Château Boisniard’s restoration since 2005, you will be keen to enjoy the benefits of the new lease of life that has been given to this prestigious site.

Kind regards,

Louisanne Le Corfec – Mousset