The Kusmi Tea room in the Vendée

Located inside the Château in a colourful and cosy atmosphere, you will love our home-made delights and our selection of Kusmi Teas.

Kusmi Tea:

Kusmi teas have been been a leading brand providing uniquely refined and creative teas since 1867: exclusive blends of flavours perpetuate the modern feel and unbeatable expertise of Kusmi teas.

Kusmi Tea distributes their products all over the world, bringing pleasure to newcomers and connoisseurs alike with its range of unique tea flavours.  A truly luxurious brand that was once the official supplier to the Russian tsars, it today offers some of the world’s best teas supplied in timeless and modern packaging.

In our tea rooms you can enjoy:

The Green teas produced by Kusmi tea all have a light and subtle flavour based around smoked, sweet and floral notes.

Gunpowder green tea – Classic Chinese classic
Nanah green tea with mint – Invigorating and refreshing
Green Darjeeling – A surprising tea from the Arya estate
Green tea with Jasmine – Light and heady
Green tea with Ginger and Lemon – Chinese green tea flavoured with ginger and lemon
Lung Ching – Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea Invigorating and rich in vitamins

Full-flavoured Indian teas:
These fermented black teas develop a rounder and milder taste releasing their flavour more quickly.
English breakfast – A subtle blend of Ceylon and Assam
Ceylon OP – Invigorating for the morning

Subtle Darjeeling flavours
This King of Teas is harvested exclusively in India. The rich soil, altitude and particular climate give this tea its unique flavour.
Darjeeling n°37 – With green almond and a fruity musk flavour

Woody flavours
The richness and diversity of Chinese teas offer truly unexpected flavours.
Earl Grey – The classic
Spicy chocolate – Chinese black tea fragranced with chocolate and spices

Orthodox blends
Essential blends of Chinese, Indian and Ceylon teas.
Morning tea n°24 – Delicately flavoured, the perfect breakfast tea

Kusmi Tea’s jealously guarded secret formula provides these elixirs with an amber structure, with a subtle hint of vanilla, wrapped in fruity notes and zesty citrus flavours.
Prince Vladimir – A blend of Chinese teas flavoured with natural citrus, vanilla and spice extracts
St Petersbourg – A blend of Chinese teas flavoured with natural citrus, berry and caramel extracts
Kashimir Tchaï – A blend of teas and spices chosen according to the traditional Nepalese recipe
Algothé – A combination of green tea, mint and seaweed
Decaffeinated Earl Grey with citrus – Light and fragranced with all the character and charm of Russian teas
Detox – Mate, Green Tea, Lemon grass
Organic green Rooibos – An organically grown and naturally caffeine free plant from South Africa
Decaffeinated Ceylon – Decaffeinated Ceylon tea
Each fully stitched sachet enables the leaves to release all their flavour and properties.
Lime blossom – A light drink for a good night’s sleep
Lime blossom – Mint
Lemon verbena – Relaxing
Camomile – Improves digestion
Lemon verbena-mint – Relaxing and refreshing